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  1. Kanco Connection

    Strategies for Speeding up ABT Construction???

    ABTs are the bomb. Everybody knows that. But they take so darn long to assemble. Takes me 1-2 hours standing in the kitchen to put together 75-100 ABTs. I feel like I'm doing it wrong. Gotta be a better, faster way. I mean, they're great, but who has time for that? Any advice on ABT...
  2. T

    Freezing ABTs

    One of the favorites around my home as well as my friends homes are the chorizo and cheese filled ABTs. Anyone that has ever made these knows they are a lot of work and are absolutely delicious. So..., I have been asked to serve a few at a gathering (a few being about 400). Given the time it...
  3. K

    Changed the rules with pig candy + new twist on abt!

    Been gone for a few years, built my USD in '09, made a few more for friends and family, and been cookin' away. Found some other hobbies that sucked me into their related forums. (Home theater over at AVSforums) But haven't stopped smoking. Bla bla bla, on to the Q pron. #1. Thick cut bacon -...
  4. SmokinJohn

    First Mc'D, then Arby's, then BK, now this

    I have this week's grocery store flyers on my desk, and a coworker sees an item and starts oohing and ahhing. What is it? A bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed jalapeno platter. Seriously? Can't the stores just leave us alone?
  5. JMSetzler

    My first ABTs w/pics

    When I first learned of these from the Brethren, I knew it was something I was gonna have to try, so I added them to the meal plans for yesterday. I picked up six FAT jalapenos from the grocery store produce case and cut the tops off... I sliced each pepper lengthwise... I cleaned...
  6. BigButzBBQ

    Recycling: Tacos into ABTs!

    For Valentine's day I decided to make the most romantic food of all, Tacos! Okay, they might not be the most romantic food but, that's what my wife and daughters wanted. And, I can't say no to a request from my adoring fans/family/overseers. :shock: Anyways, I love to eat tacos but, find the...
  7. bigabyte

    Tonight's Dinner

    Another leftover cleanout. I had some ground Italian Sausage, Sweet Mini Peppers, Ricotta and a Baguette. These were all grilled on the kettle using K-briqs with Cherry and Pecan chunks. Grilled Italian Sausage Patty on Grilled Garlic-Buttered Baguette with Marinara dipping sauce on the...
  8. bigabyte

    Lunch Express to Hell

    Despite willkat's dire warnings, I grilled up some lunch today. I'm visualizing it is all fish though, so it's OK. Oprah said so. - 8oz Ribeye seasoned with Kosher Salt, Durkee Six Pepper Blend, Montreal Steak Seasoning, and a good amount of Black Pepper. - 3 ABT's filled with Cream Cheese...
  9. 1_T_Scot

    First ABTs and smoked meat loaf

    A friend gave me some Jalapenos. So I tried my hand at ABTs. Made canoes and put the top back on. A few without Bacon for my Son's Friend. ABTs and Meat loaf. ABT Close up Made more ABTs Finished Meat loaf. Finished meat loaf close. I thought the ABTs where good...
  10. cmcadams

    Thursday on the BGE

    Now that storms are over for now, it was time to fire up the XL BGE. I love caprese salad, so I figured on trying grilled caprese salad, with nice, thick pork chops and grilled ciabatta bread... I didn't have time to bake the bread, so I bought it from Todd at a local market. Then I seasoned...
  11. Rookie'48

    Sunday ABT & Pig Candy Pron

    Started with about 100 ABTs: Then did some pig candy: Some of the results: Better late than never, right?