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    No Foil Pork Ribs....The Best I've Made So Far! Pix Pix Pix!!

    Alright guys so here I am again. Ye' old 26 year old from Chicagoland, as it was a cold one today/tonight. Threw some spare ribs on the WSM for 5 hours(2 slabs) give or take..basically just made sure they were plyable, starting to slightly pull apart, and pass bending. Trimmed a little bit...
  2. G

    275gal offset smoker techniques and suggestions

    Hello fellas! I have been a member of the site for a time but this is my first post. I just bought a 275 gallon offset smoker off of craigslist. I was just wondering what techniques and/or suggestions you have on using the firebox. I have used grills of this size but not with the firebox...