To make a simple donation to help Bill concentrate on other things, like healing his family. Click this link.

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The BBQ-Brethren: Our Charter

• To promote the art of low and slow thru education, friendships, and camaraderie

.• To assist our members to produce the best BBQ they ever made, and thru this food, comes our ability to educate the public, our friends, our family, to what is REAL BBQ.

• To build the best knowledge base on the internet for BBQ.

• To maintain an open mind that there is NO ONE WAY, and No perfect cooker. We live by the fact that it is the cook not the cooker, its the passion not the steel, that produces great BBQ. We support and respect all techniques and all pits.

• To encourage those that have even the slightest interest or curiosity in Competition BBQ to get out there and compete. Our new and our veteran competitors are here to help you take that walk to the podium.

• Most important, To have FUN. To enjoy our craft, to enjoy our friendships and to build on the passion that lets us go to bed smelling like smoke and wake up with soot on our pillows.

The BBQ-Brethren

Brethren Helping Brethren

A bbq brethren auction

Use this Webpage to make payments to our auction to benefit Bills family, or if you like, to just donate to help them out.

To pay for an auction item, click this link. All proceeds go to Bills Family. For just a donation, use the button the left.



This is for Auction items.


Brethren helping Brethren.

An auction to help a member concentrate on healing his family.

One of our members, Smoke-in-my-i has run into some bad luck. His daughter has been hospitalized and in order to be by her side, he has not been working. Although she is coming home soon, or may even be home already, he has had a 100 mile round trip to the hospital for the past several weeks, the medical bills have accumulated and she will need continued medical care for the next several months.

Heres where we come in the Spirit of the Brethren. Let it be said up front, BILL DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THIS FORUM. HE CAN NOT SEE WHAT IS GOING ON and if anyone knows him, please keep this under wraps. In the future, once we are done, I will open it up and he can see what what transpired.

Instead of asking for donations, we are going to have an auction. Heres how it will work.

Dig stuff up.. stuff your not using, stuff you don't want, stuff you will never use.. or if your so inclined, throw some new stuff in here. Gift certificates, thermos, bbq items, etc.. Something you feel a member may be interested in.

Start a thread in the Auction forum and that is your auction item and your donation to the auction.

Members post to that thread to bid. No activity to that thread for 3 days closes the bidding.

Once bidding is complete, click on this link to make your payment. Use this Webpage to make payments to that auction, or to just donate if you like.

I will confirm with the bidder the completion of payment and the owner can then ship out the product. shipping costs must be worked out among the 2 parties(bidder and auctioner)

Of course, if you just want to make a donation that will be available too.

The proceeds will go into our paypal and it will all will be sent to Bill(Smoke in my i) to help him out until he can get back on his feet.