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We had a restaurant/grill/bar open here about five years ago that did well right from the start. It wasn't a BBQ; but many of the same business practices apply. Clean, good food, fast service, friendly staff....what's not to like. I usually went there twice a week. Sometimes alone, but mostly with my sons when they visited me. l was spending about $150-200 weekly there; and encouraging friends to go there. That lasted about a year; and suddenly a "no firearms" sign was posted on the front door. My sons, most of my friends, and myself are licensed to carry legally. It does not violate Georgia law to carry concealed in such a business establishment; but the owner does have the right to prohibit weapons in his place of business. I don't know why the owner suddenly chose to go this route....nor do I care. My sons and I haven't been back in four years. Most of my friends also chose to avoid the place.

I have no way to know if this stance towards firearms helped or hurt the overall business. The place is still up and running with quite a few vehicles in the parking lot when I drive past to go to our new hangout.
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