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Originally Posted by sudsandswine View Post
I guarantee you I could pass the "Pepsi challenge" between a brisket cooked using a clean wood fire and one using a charcoal fueled smoker 100% of the time. I get the convenience factor - I still use and love my Primo XL with some quality lump, and I've cooked on and owned most of the popular charcoal fueled smokers out there, but the two produce noticeably different products. That doesn't mean one or the other is bad, but IMO they're definitely not the same.

There are times when running a stick burner is not feasible for me, but it's usually related to the start up and shut down (cooling off time) required as opposed to the level of effort in feeding logs for the cook itself. Stepping outside every 30 to 40 minutes to plop a new log on the fire is hardly time consuming and aside from having to physically leave the house for something (which I wouldn't do with any style of cooker running a live fire anyway) it's hardly more work, especially when the end result is taken into consideration.

One of the best things cooking on a stick burner did for me was to break me from the "the entire cook must run at ___ degrees or else it'll be a major fail" I generally operate on a 50* +/- window and aim to keep it at a particular median temperature some of the time. I used to be so anal about keeping a cooker at some particular temperature otherwise some catastrophic undesirable end result would occur. But, it never did, I just turned out some really awesome barbecue if I'm somewhere aroundish 265-330*.

But most importantly, figure out what works for you and your lifestyle and keep on barbecuing - that's what matters
the "pepsi" challenge - we need to do that one. maybe I should organize one for two or three guys here in NTX before I sell my stick burners.

a couple of things for me about wood vs charcoal.
1. the best and cleanest fire out of my stick burner was when the wood was burned down to charcoal embers-clean clean clean and smelled great. I could only smell the meat and the heat, no smoke to see or smell. thats essentially hardwood lump.
2. good smoke should be barely there. the meat is the star of the show - either wood, or charcoals can get one there.

as for just plopping a stick on every 30 mins- disagree there. significantly more time consuming that you suggest- plop the wood on, open the vents, check that the wood has caught, let it come up to temp, start adjuting the vents, then eventually its at a good state then I can go back in and resume what ever me and the family were doing -thankfully I have a patient wife.

I will agree on the stick burner breaking the temp habit. I used to try to get 2 degrees with charcoal. now , if Im within 50 its all good.

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Kinda funny how things kinda do a turnabout. I had started out with an old modded Brinkmann S&P. I learned how to use it and mastered the curve, but then marriage and kids came along and allnighters with the stick burner were a no go. Bought a WSM, built several UDS's. I have given them all away. I now stick to my Kettles, BUT now that the kids are older and I can get all the damn pecan I want.........I want to go back to a stick burner. The flavor profile is much different. I miss that flavor. I use the PBC to get my fix, but still want to burn stick again.

I feel you and felt exactly how you felt- most feel wood is most authentic- so I acquired two wood burners to test it. there was no value added for me so going back to charcoal.

I do believe that to get the best out of a stick burner requires a huge unit that can burn 4-6 sticks at a time.

but, as a wise man once said:
But most importantly, figure out what works for you and your lifestyle and keep on barbecuing - that's what matters
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