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Hello all!

My name is Alexander and I'm from Northern California (Sacramento area). I've been soaking up your collective wisdom for the last few months while lurking, but decided to come in from the cold and properly introduce myself.

I stumbled onto this amazing hobby and soon-to-be lifelong obsession a few years ago when I found a recipe for BBQ pulled pork. At the time I only had a Weber Genesis, tinfoil, and a boatload of wood chips. I'm sure that first pulled pork was terrible but I was hooked nonetheless. Went out the next day and bought myself a WSM 18.5". My confidence was matched only by my ignorance, and reality did not take long to come knocking. Ten minutes into my first cook, as campfire smoked billowed out of every nook and cranny of my WSM, I realized there was a difference between good and bad smoke, ha!

Anyways, two years later my food finally started getting good enough to convince my wife that we needed to step up to my first stickburner. I was lucky enough to run into u/SmoothBoarBBQ during my research. He was a tremendous help. He offered some great advice and was able to steer me towards my eventual purchase: a 48x24 reverse flow from Kat BBQ (which is uhhmazing).

I feel like I'm a newbie all over again -- going from a WSM to a stickburner, but luckily for me SmoothBoar also mentioned that this forum was a wonderful community full of great advice. Excited to be here!

Oh, and my new toy:

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