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Originally Posted by chad View Post
Often, that's corn starch...which is inert.

Something that's often forgotten is: you should wash your hands each time to change gloves!! It's in the RULE BOOK!! Trust me!! I know we don't do it all the time, but gloves are never an excuse for not washing the hands.
I looked at the nitrile gloves at harbor freight. They are powdered on the outside, and inside i guess, which to me defeats the purpose a little bit. In other words, prior to handling foods, thes gloves should be sponge washed.

These particular gloves might use corn starch, but I am not going to test it. They say 'industrial grade', not food grade, and not medical grade.

I will just continue with my constant hand washing, and using the new food service gloves when handling cooked meat for presentation as a double safe guard.
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