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Default Summer Sausage, Snack Stick Extravaganza - Live Weekend Thread

Hello folks.. So Here we go... I purchased close to 50lbs of beef to make Summer Sausages and Snack Sticks for family/friends and even for myself. First time doing large batches of anything with the sausage stuffer and first time making Summer Sausage.

I ordered all my supplies from

Day 1: Starting Summer Sausages.
Started processing one slab of meat.Trimmed the hard fat off of it.

Decided the best way to tackle this process was to cut the meat into steaks then cube it.. The meat was still pretty frozen in the middle.

Looks like pretty good ground beef

Here is the first batch of summer sausages.. I have another 10lb batch to do which will equal to the same amount here. I ran into a problem after taking this picture..... I decided to run outside with one of these logs and see if it would fit hanging from the top shelf of the MES40....... sure enough if I hang above the heating element they are too long!! So I had to cut these down into single logs and I'll hang them from the top shelf.

You can tell the two at the top were my first two.. The other two are a little more uniform.. It will be ok.. I'll just temp them as they cook to make sure I don't over cook them.

Anyways I have to finish the next batch of summer sausages. Will do 1 more regular batch of summer sausages, and the final batch I will add cheese and Jalapeno's.

Tomorrow I will smoke these summer sausages then tomorrow afternoon I will grind and stuff the snack sticks to prepare smoking for Saturday.

Stay tuned!
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