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Default ***Brethren PSA - Unprecedented Times! READ THIS!


We are in unprecedented times socially and politically, and we are seeing an increase in those factors creeping into the forum. There has been more bickering, more political/controversial posts outside of the News & Politics sub-forum and way too many accusations of trolling.

The admin/mod team needs your help in keeping all of this from polluting our community.
  • If you see a post that rubs you the wrong way, please move on and don't contribute to the problem. If you can't do that, use the ignore function!
  • If a post is out of place (politics, etc.), just repost it and let us look at it and decide. Don't add to the ill placed discussion.
  • If you think someone is a troll, report it and we'll look at it and act when appropriate. Making public accusations just turns into a pissing/popularity contest and it becomes more difficult to determine who the biggest problem is.
In short, please resist the urge to moderate on your own. Don't escalate things unnecessarily. Use the report post button and let us deal with it or use the ignore feature where you simply can't do anything else.
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