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Thanks Grand Poobah for this post… and "THIS SITE"

Maybe I have offended some on here, I don't really know... If I have you have my sincere apology(s) and that may attribute to the replies I get when I asked that “question that has already been discussed” and I get told so by a Brethren member. My fault for not using “search” or “FAQ”… My apology again. Maybe I took these answers to seriously because I see other discuss questions in depth over and over, so I don’t visit this site as often as I used to. I am still interested in the back yard cooking and I will get back to finishing my UDS and try to “search” for my questions “before” I ask! And thanks to all of you who have helped me in the past… Being no expert to “Qing” I won’t be able to help with answers (sorry!), but I really do appreciate the help.
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