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While there are some pretty bad boxes here, none of you can compete with the real worst box ever (sorry, I was judging & table captaining, so no pics.)

This was in Durango, CO. I believe it was their second year. They had planned a backyard, but only one entry, so the organizer talked the guy into entering the sanctioned competition, no extra charge, the other teams will help you. Very small contest, maybe 15 competitors.

So, chicken comes in, I open a box, and there is one leaf of iceberg lettuce in the bottom, with 6 naked chunks of chicken on it, about the size of the chunks in Campbell's chicken noodle soup. When we stopped laughing, I think we all gave 5's or 6's for appearance, just out of sympathy. I can't remember how it tasted, but the visual will never go away.
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