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Originally Posted by Rock'n B View Post
Nick, there is a difference in catering and vending we do both usually catering involves preparing and transporting as you said. We started vending with a pop up with a trailer with our smokers and sinks on it. Then we purchased a trailer to serve out of. We used it for several years and purchased a large 40' cook trailer with a full kitchen and smoker we can cater out of it but mainly vend larger events. I added a roof over our original smoker trailer and rearranged it so we could use it for smaller events. You have to be aware of local state health codes because they do vary. I've attached some pictures of how we evolved thru the years.
That's wild. yeah just out of curiosity I have been trying to read about NJ's policies because the state requires you to do catering out of a commissary or rented kitchen so I am a little curious how they treat it if you just have to tow your smoker to the commissary location or not.

Looks like you have had some success being able to upgrade through the years that's always great to hear and motivating.

I am sure it varies by state but in AL if the trailer has running water etc the state will look at it as a functional kitchen for vending?
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