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Hmmmm....these look like bonfire (aka common sense) rules to me.

Around a bonfire you have a mixed crowd. Sometimes it's the guys, sometimes it's the guys and gals, sometimes you have parents show up and there's always the kids running around. As long as you're mindful of who's within earshot, you adjust the conversation accordingly. You rarely bring up religion and politics and if you do, you keep it high level cause it's a guarantee that somebody's gonna get ticked off and if you take it too far, it may even come to blows. It's never a good idea to challenge the owner of the case, you might find yourself alienated from the group....worst case, you might be told to leave. And you never ever use the bonfire gathering to sell stuff. That would be like springing an Amway party on your friends and family. You just don't do that. They're there to relax and socialize....not to hear another sales pitch. Now if so and so is looking for a tractor and I know where to find one, I'll let him know....but there's a difference between giving somebody a lead and trying to sell them the latest tupperware.

Yep, I think as long as I apply bonfire rules, I'll be alright.

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