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Originally Posted by Capsmear View Post
@HBMTN they r not sure what type of ribs they want so I'm going to price both of them and let them know. This party is at some city building so they need to find out if I'm allowed to cook on site or not. What r the issues that might haunt me?

So consider a scenario where you are asked to cater an event and to bring pulled pork and baked beans and then there will be other food there. You show up and set up a buffet and your food for the event and then 10 other people bring in food let's say a family reunion or something. Aunt Judy brought her famous mac n cheese and she lives just up the road. Uncle Bob brought his family favorite Cole Slaw and he had a 3 hour drive and put it in the car 30 minutes before he left thinking about other things he had to get for the trip. It's mid July 95* and by the time everyone arrives and eats Uncle Bobs slaw has been at room temperature for 4-5 hours. Later that night everyone starts to get sick and ends up in the hospital. Guess who is getting the blame the caterer. You could be sued for huge amounts of money that even if you got out of it would cost a fortune in attorneys and bad publicity.

If you do it at least have them sign a waiver that they take full responsibility for the food and accept responsibility for any issues.
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