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Originally Posted by Groundhog66 View Post
I think you would be fine with a Maverick ET-732, some of the Brethren here sell it. Infrared thermo is not what you want, only reads surface temps. I have one, but only use it to read the temp of my pizza stone. Thermapen is a fantastic tool, but sounds like the Maverick should be your first purchase.


I own 2 - Mavericks. An ET-73 (older model) and a ET-732
I also own a Thermapen
Because I am somewhat anal - I also own several Taylor oven thermos (CHEAP - LIKE 3.99 EACH) that sit on the grate in my smoker ( to monitor temp zones across the smoker)

The Maverick's are great for all night cooks and i want to get some sleep, as they have dual probes and set points & alarms.

The Thermapen is best at what is is designed for: Accurate, superfast temp checks.
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