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Default Thermometers and Temperature Control

Hi All,

I need to get a better handle on my grill and smoker temperatures so I can reliably recreate meals when guests come.

To that end, I started looking on for probes and thermometers.

NONE of the grill thermometers got good reviews.
None of the probes including taylor, polder, etc got universally good reviews.

And so then I started looking at automatic temperature controllers ...
The iQue 110 seems to be easy to install on Weber Kettles.
The Stoker is really neat and cost more than my WSM! It seems to have gromets that fit where my standard screw holes for the WSM are making running probes inside easy.
And the BBQ Guru is out there too.

But I don't necessarily need the automatic temperature controllers yet. I just want to know what temperature my meat is at and what the grill temperature is. I wouldn't mind having a good thermometer at the top of my kettle either. None of the reviews on amazon are very good for those either.

I see two more options --
The laser infrared heat guns which got reasonable reviews.
And the thermapens which get rave reviews.

Any suggestions? I can't seem to decide on anything.
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