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Default Armadillo Eggs - 101

For the other beginners, like me. See the Armadillo Eggs thread in the roadmap for basics - but given that my first time to make these beasts is this week, I thought I'd share what I came across.

note - the cook is tomorrow starting at 6am. Tonnight was food prep.

Bought jimmy dean sausage - local HEB was running a special, 2 for $5. Bought four chubs - two low fat, two HOT. Had colby jack cheese for two of them, and pepper jack for two others. The two w/Colby jack got bell peppers (reb, green and yellow), and the two with pepper jack got jalapenos (no seeds).

During prep, the first thing I noticed is that the sausage stuck to EVERYTHING. The first chub I prepped on aluminum foil. Once pressed out flat and "dressed", it was impossible to pull it off of the foil in one piece. I ended up pulling up all the pieces, and shaping the Egg back into chub form with both hands. So, tin foil by itself is right out. The second chub was prepped on a wooden cutting board, with similar (but slightly better) results. The last two, I used a cookie sheet with a little bit of olive oil, and that worked FAR better for removal.

The second major piece was re-shaping. Obviously, the sausge must be pressed flat (see "prepped egg" post from RoadMap-linked thread) for the ingredients to be added. Pressing the entire chub flat, and then re-forming around the dressings is how I built the first two. However, for the last two, I realized that I could divide the original chub in half, and press each piece flat by itself. Then, put the dressings on one half, and lay the other half back on top. With a little bit of massaging, the two pieces form back into a chub shape, and far easier (to me) than reforming the entire piece with all that stuff inside it.

Just figured that others might benefit from this info.
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