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holysmoke... got it... you put it in as 'donation'. Thats why it didn't update your settings.

i will convert it over to a subscription. <<< -- On edit... Done

**** on another note.

I noticed a few others donations have come in while looking for holysmokes.

any donations that have a corresponding subscription level I will convert over tonight.

Others will get their beer markers.

I really appreciate the continued support..... thanks everyone for helping to keep the site running. !!


On my short list is to update the donation system that will automate the process to the same level as subscriptions. Currently donations are just paypal transactions and if I miss them, nothing is done on the forum to denote the donation. There are modules available to beef up the donation system. I will get that done soon too. Most folks that use the donate button allready have subscriptions and graciously adding to the kitty.
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