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somebody shut me the fark up.

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I grew up in Knoxville. Haven't lived there in a long, long time but still go back 1-2x a year to see my folks. Litton's is a really good place to eat - burgers, pies etc. I had a pretty dang good meal at Dead End BBQ a while back. I used to work at Calhoun's on the river by Neyland Stadium - not exactly artisinal BBQ, but a really fun place to be and the food'll do just fine. Great atmosphere for sure. They have other locations too, but that one by the river is pretty great. Haven't been to Wright's Cafeteria in a long time, but I love their catfish, fried okra, tomato & cucumbers & all that kinda thing.

If y'all feel like taking a not-exactly-direct route to Knoxville from Charlotte, you could stop in Bluff City, TN at Ridgewood BBQ. You'd be glad you did, esp. after you get their blue cheese dip & BBQ sammich (they do it a little different there & it's quite good).
I'm sure there's more I can think of, but I'm about thought-out for the day. I'll holler if I think of anything else.

You're going to an absolutely beautiful part of the country, btw. It's about as good as it gets there.
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