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Default Warped Propeller on my Weber 22.5" OTG

I haven't really used my Weber 22.5" OTG all that much really .. maybe 30 cooks total over the past 6 years since I bought it. The Proller is warped bad and I can't reduce the airflow enough and it just gets tway too hot in side. It worked good at first when it was new.

So is this repairable? Isn't the stock one riveted in if I recall? do I drill them out and replace with an aftermarket propeller to fix it? How well do the replacements work? I'd like it as good as new or better.

Why did my propeller warp and how do I avoid this in the future? Do I simply not use it to clear ash and small bits of charcoal? Should I be pouring out the ash instead and perhaps spraying it with water hose?

Do I need to buy a new OTG? If so, how about say a Portable Kitchen instead? The design of PK seems nice and it doesn't look like any of the vents below can warp.

Just want soemthing that is reliable. I wish the OTG had vents on the sides like the WSM to avoid this propeller warp problem.

I'd apperciate any advice thanks :)

18.5" WSM and 22.5" OTG.
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