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I am new on this forum, but have frequented it numerous times over the past couple of years. I am just a backyard enthusiast and my only cooker is an 18.5 WSM. I am responding to this post, because I have often thought I would like to have a stick burner, but my determination to make good bbq on what I already own (18.5 WSM) has kept me plugging on with it. I wanted to get away from briquettes and the Minion method and just go with lump charcoal.
My method in the WSM is top and bottom vents fully open, and use lump charcoal which gives me a clean burn (nice blue smoke) and add my smoke wood in small chunks, not large chunks to the lump charcoal bed. I prefabbed a smaller diameter charcoal ring to keep my lump grouped together for better burning. I light 1/2 chimney of lump initially with a small wood chunk on bottom and one on top of the lump. when my coals are ignited and burning good they go into the smaller diameter ring. My temps run about 250 to 275 degrees. I add prelit lump and a prelit chunk of smoke wood periodically thru the door to hold these temps. This method gets the smoke flavor and smoke ring I desire. I am just using lump charcoal as my heat source. It needs fuel added periodically just like a sticky burner. My substitute for a stick burner. Thank You
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