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My understanding is that charcoal is almost 100% carbon, it's called char.

When wood burns with more oxygen present, it creates char, which continues two burn, and also volatile gases, which at certain temperatures impart different more or less desirable flavours to the meat that is exposed to it.

Those embers burning still have some volatile gases present to impart flavour to the meat, the burning char does impart flavour ss well, but far less, and less complex.

So charcoal is a purer form of carbon than embers from burning logs.
Karau: "The key point is that wood is not a fuel, it is a fuel source. When wood is heated, it decomposes into two fuels: charcoal (a solid fuel that burns in a surface oxidation) and smoke (a gaseous fuel that either burns as flame or escapes the firebox unburned to re-condense in the cook box as creosote). I say again, smoke is a fuel. It contains about half of the total caloric content of wood. It burns as a flame with sufficient heat and oxygen present…."

pretty interesting tidbit about the nature of wood fuel
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