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Default Five years ago today....

Originally Posted by Solidkick View Post
This morning I received a phone know the kind that you know could come at anytime but it's always the furthest thought in your mind....a phone call letting you know that a family member or friend has gone to glory.....

Friends.....our beloved KCQuer....Scott Cook, has passed......

I just spoke with him on the phone about 45 minutes yesterday. He had been having some health problems with his kidneys and had had some test run last week. We talked about his health, his Dr., then cooking, then grandkids.....he seemed to be in great spirits, all things considered.....

I received a phone call this morning on my cell the time I got to it, I could see it was from KC, but was in the process of leaving a message....I call my voice mail, and it's Jean's heart sank immediately...message was to call as soon as I got the message....

Scott had his truck and trailer over at a storage facility....they were getting ready to build some new units and had called Scott to have him move them to a different location on the property...Jean said he went out the door with a tire pump cause a tire was low on the trailer, and some jumper cables in case the truck wouldn't start....and he went out the door with a smile on his face.....he wasn't back home after an hour and a half, so she goes over to the storage facility....she meets an ambulance at the entrance...leaving...she said she knew it was Scott....but unfortunately Scott wasn't in it....he was pronounced dead at the scene by the coroner's office. Autopsy results have not been released as of yet, but indications lean towards a massive stroke or heart attack.

Jean and family are to meet with the funeral home this afternoon for final arrangements and I will pass these along as I get them....

To my brother Scott.....I miss you already.....I loved you man!

Five years ago today I wrote this post...on a Labor Day weekend. I still think of you, my brother....and I don't cook a brisket that I don't think of our hours of conversation. I plan to light a chimney of cherry in your honor later tonight.

Rest In Peace my friend!
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