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Originally Posted by airedale View Post
For a warm and wiggly brisket, I like an electric knife. My son has one (don't remember the brand) that is sold to fishermen as a filleting knife. That one is especially nice.

For cool or cold brisket, a slicing knife with a Granton edge is good. Dexter-Russell has many options at very attractive prices. Unless you just have to impress the neighbors, IMO the expensive branded knives are a waste of money. Dexter is what the pros use.
Lot's of people swear by Dexter Russell. As for expensive kitchen knives, I would love to have a really nice set of Shun for the kitchen (but I won't buy them because my wife won't take care of them---- she ruined her Henckle's putting them in the dishwasher), but for BBQ, I think the inexpensive knives are the way to go.
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