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Default Small scale equipment suggestions for sauce filling

Does anybody have any suggestions as to links or sites for equipment or ways to fill bottles of sauces. More than likely less than a 100 bottles at a time.

Was thinking along the lines of a modified stainless steel beer keg and pump system. With a large opening for filling and clean out?

What are people using, as the son is getting more requests for bottles of his sauce when he does catering jobs.

I think that for low numbers(less than a gross 144 bottles) at any one time. That a ladle to large dispensing type container would be the fastest, low cost method to do. And when the time comes find a small boutique bottler to do the job.

Don't need a source for bottles as the one I have used for bottles for none food items is pretty good.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Also anybody local to the metro Detroit area have any experience with small scale local boutique bottlers, and do they do the cooking to your spec's or do you supply the sauce ready to bottle.?
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