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Default Answer: Bacteria

The greatest threat to food safety is bacteria.

There are 21 forms of bacteria listed that cause foodborne illness.

Some of which cause diseases you probably have heard of:
Staphylococcal poisoning

Many, many more.

Some of these bacteria are formed when food is left in the "Danger zone" for too long. (coming soon)
Some are caused by not washing hands after using the restroom.

And even scarier is that some of these bacteria emit toxins during their growth, and heat will not distroy these toxins!

We will go into some of the different types of bacteria and symptoms later.

For now, just remember to wash those hands.
Wash them between handling different foods.
Wash them after using the restroom.
Wash them everytime they are contaminated or you switch projects.
Wash them after touching face, or any other body part.
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