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Talking Once in a Lifetime Roadtrip - Need Advice

The backstory, as brief as I can make it:
My wife and I are liquidating our 25+ years of living in Florida, and relocating/retiring to Alaska.

Yes, you read that correctly. I'll give you a moment to collect yourselves from laughing...



So, our route takes us from Florida to Washington to catch the Alaska Marine Highway ferry that takes us into south-central AK, a couple hours from our new home outside Wasilla.

The problem and request:
We are looking for any place to get some world class food, BBQ in particular, but we are open to most anything. I'm partial to sliced pork, and the wife is looking for the worlds best collards. I prefer dry rub, allowing the meat to do its own talking.

We have a couple days to play with, planned that way due to the unknowns of Covid and transcontinental travel....and to give us some time freedom to get in some tasty food stops.

Our planned route takes us to Atlanta- Memphis - Kansas City - Omaha - Deadwood - Bozeman - Spokane - Seattle, with overnight stops in or near each.

Anything worth the slightly longer route taking us thru Chattanooga and Nashville or should we hit something in Birmingham instead?

The next day, we head to Kansas City on our way to Omaha.
Should we hit something in St. Louis, or take the slightly shorter path thru Springfield?

Anyhow, any suggestion would be appreciated. This is a wonderful country, full of wonderful things that we'd like to see and experience before we leave "civilization".
Gonna be an adventure!

Thanks for all you folks do here, its improved my personal life, I can now cook a rack of ribs thats damned near edible, and I cannot see a steel barrel and not think, "UDS!", so thanks for that ;)

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