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Originally Posted by SmoothBoarBBQ View Post
Semper Fi Brother (2nd Tanks, 2000-2009) If there's anything I can do for you feel free to shoot me a message. Lots of the particulars of this business varies dramatically by state, county, and city. But in the larger "grand scheme" of things I've got at least a bit of knowledge on the mobile BBQ game.

Good luck with the Health Department and I hope things work out with whatever you choose to do in the future. Making your hobby a job is great, but it can be a bit of a doubled edged sword.
Home of the IRON HORSE. RIP Was my first unit in communications! I will probably shoot you a private message in the coming weeks after talking with some locals first about how they've dealt with the department and using their smokers. etc etc.

That is where I am conflicted, if I start it on the side, since my current job would allow me to do it and it worked out for me I may jump all in one day. We will see.
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