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Originally Posted by jtfisher63 View Post
Hey guys, I had a charcoal basket built for my 24 x 72 offset. The firebox is 24 x 24 and the basket is 19 x 19 x 6. I will be firing it up this saturday for the first time with the basket. My question is, do you think the minion method would work in this application? I would just try it to see, but I will have to light the coals and then leave for work. My wife will be the pit master for about 2-3 hours until my buddy comes over to help. My wife is pretty good with fire controls, but I just don't want to have 20lbs of rancher light up too quick and then her not be able to keep the temps down. I have a comp coming up next weekend so I kind of want to try to get this working before then so I can get some sleep. So, have any of you tried this or think it will work. Thanks in advance.

I've gotten decent burn times with minion in the SKD, only having to add fuel every 60-90 minutes instead of every 30-45. This was with lump in a decent basket, not on the crap "tray" they include in the box. At least there's much less ash with lump!
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