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I used to work in the Plumbing field years ago and we had a news article cliped from a paper that we had hanging on our bulitin board.

It was a story about a school that had a red tint in the water coming out of their faucets and their drinking fountains. They had a local plumber come and check out their water lines and he couldn't find what the problem was. Luckily the school called the health dept to come test the water, they were worried it was rust or contained lead. The health dept. began investigating the problem.

What they found: A funeral home about a block away had an embalming table with a sink at the end for catching "fluids" from the dead bodies. They would rinse out the sink with a small length of garden hose attached to the sink faucet. The hose was never disconected and was long enough to touch the bottom and all the "fluids". When the school was in session all the water it used created a negative preassure and caused the fluids to be sucked up and back into the water supply where it was thinned out with all the fresh water leaving just a trace of pink in the water, and right on out the drinking fountains at the school!!

All it took to fix the problem was a backflow preventer and a shorter piece of garden hose.
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