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This was a KCBS sanctioned contest.

As far as the mentoring approach, these guys really didnt want to hear anything I had to say. They were the returning GC for this contest from the year before. It was not sanctioned last year and there were 8 teams. Anyway these guys "knew" what they were doing. In retrospect I guess I should have said something to the Rep. It just is hard to get into that kind of thing. I mean it really would have been my word against theres on the Time/Temperature abuse. I suppose the lack of gloves, hot water, and sanitizer could have been proven??? It is just a tough call to get the Rep involved. you know "nobody like a tattle tale," syndrome. I think if I see these guys again I will just be an ass and tell them like it is. Then if they have a problem we could get the rep then.
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