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Default Proper food handling at a competition

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this or not, but here goes.

When you are at a competition and you are witness to BLATANT disregard for food handling, what should you do??? I was witness to some of the worst food handling I have ever witnessed this past weekend. These guys didnt have hot water, gloves, bleach, or any idea that meat should not sit out for 4 hours. In talking with these guys over the course of Friday night I offered to let them use our hot water and bleach bottle and even told them we had some extra gloves if they needed some. They declined all three. When one of the guys came over to offer me a taste of one of there ribs (which sat out for 4 hours) I politely made up an excuse and declined.

I guess my question is this: How do you go about telling someone that they are not doing the right thing without sounding like a know it all Jack A$%& ??? I am a chef for a living and have NO problem making sure that the people that work for me know what the heck they are doing, but this is a different beast.

Thanks for any input.


The worst part of this is these guys seved the public in the peoples choice.
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