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Originally Posted by eap0510 View Post
What I am thinking about doing is bringing back the Stoker. I was able to locate someone that reverse engineered the probes and blower sensors. We got to discussing what it would take to bring the Stoker back to life and he seemed to think that we would need to produce a cloud version to compete with the CyberQ and the Fireboard among others. I personally believe that the cloud piece is not that big of deal but the real selling point would have to be an app that works on mobile devices.

To me the Stoker is still a great device for one is not limited to the number of probes you can run and not limited in the number of pits you can run as well. I compete and cook on two pits so I am really able to take advantage of the Stoker's abilities.
As much as I dislike most apps for simple things, having to use a webbrowser based portal to control things sucks massive donkey clackers.
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