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If you make the pit 24" diameter you will be able to fit ribs nicely. I would think about that aspect. I have built my own offset and if I were to do it again I would consider the reverse flow designs. 3/8" thickness is excessive in my opioion. The pit will last forever! Also your doors will be heavy. !/4" will out last you if you take care of it. The 45 degree baffle is a good idea. The slding plates I have thought I would like to have on my offset. The tuning plate I have is half between the grill surface and the bottom of the chamber. 1/4" IS AGAIN THICK ENOUGH TO LAST A LIFETIME! I orinially had an adjustable damper on the fire box then after using it for a while I welded it at 45 degrees as that is where it needed to be.
Make sure you put a drain the bottom to clean out all of the grease.
Ok all of that said is just my opinion and what I have experienced first hand with my offset wich is 24" by 72".
You can cook all you can get in your dream offset in two UDS and for me it is way more efficent and way EASIER TO CONTROLL! So I now have three UDS and ocasionally use my offset mostly because my friends say will you fire up the trailer pit we love to stand by the fie box!!! : ) because it looses so much farking heat to warm them up!
3 UDS, One charcoal eating fire breathing home bulit trailer pit,
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