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Default Dry-brine spatchcock chicken?

I worked for almost a year developing our dry brine product Harvest Brine and did quite a few tests on this very subject.

Here is what I discovered..

The internet articles suggesting it not be wrapped are on the right track, but some are on the wrong train.

If you are dry brining smaller proteins that are quick to dry brine (I.e. a steak), then leaving them unwrapped will help to dry out the exterior and help provide a nice crust.

If you are dry brining something larger or something that is rounded (like a whole chicken or turkey) that will dry brine for hours (2-3 hours per pound minimum for a dry brine), then wrapping it with plastic wrap helps to hold salt and the moisture it pulls from the bird against the skin.
This is a critical step and without it the end product suffers.

We still like to have the moisture pulled away from the skin before we smoke it though. So simply unwrap and put back in fridge for a few hours prior to smoking. The bird is already brined at that point, so no harm, no foul and you get the best of both worlds. A well brined bird and drier skin going in the smoker.

Use the method above. It works
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