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Found some matches.
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$1.39 per pound is the base cost, add 40-50% shrinkage and your time, effort, and equipment costs and then multiply by 4. Around here pulled pork goes for $8-9 per pound. Go for quality and let word of mouth do it's work. You can't compete with the per pound price of the Lloyd's and such in the frozen food section of the grocery - so don't even try to match their price point.
Here, Lloyds goes for 6.99/# and Curly's is the other brand that goes for 8.99/# with coupons. Both taste horrible, their bbq sauce does not do well being microwaved. I would sell my pp for 7$/# and state quality as said in the quote above. I would also do quality control by freezing a bag for a month, then eating it myself, if I don't like it others probably wont, slap on a use by fresh/frozen date, and let word get around. I am a huge fan of samples by the way lol.
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