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I do know that they quote different credit card rates because after I declined the service they did come back at me and offer to match my Square rates but the fine print was matched for one year. After that, I would still have been in an additional 2 year contract at the higher rate they quoted me the first time. I saw a post when doing my investigations on them from a restaurant that was doing over $40k per month and they had a rate with Toast below 2%. The Delivery features must be something they have added since back in the spring because it was never discussed with me and I never saw any info on that during the demo. Unfortunately for me, I'm in an area where there are no delivery services like Doordash or Ubereats. So for me, I didn't see where the service was worth the extra $800 for equipment and the monthly $175 3-year contract when I could get most of what I needed from Toast through Square and Ehungry for nearly free but if you have the volume and operate 3-7 days a week year-round then I think Toast could be a viable option.
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