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Originally Posted by Montana Jack View Post
Thanks all, will try wrapping earlier and pay more attention to feel, maybe pulling at higher temp.
This is not a path to success.

There is no need to wrap at all, and wrapping earlier isnít going to magically cure the problem. You can dry out brisket wrapped in foil or even submerged in liquid. That is why injecting isnít helping you either. If you want to inject for flavor, go ahead, but donít expect injecting or wrapping to keep the meat fibers juicy. You were heading in the right direction with paying more attention to feel, but pulling at a higher temp, or any temp target, is a not going to help.

Try this. Start the cook hotter, 275-300 for full packers. Get to the 175-180 range like you did, and then wrap (or not, but it may help to keep the variables to a minimum until you figure it out). Now lower the smoker temp to 225-250 ish and let the connective tissues break down without over heating and drying the meat. Forget pulling temp. You pull based on feel only. Then give it a good long rest in a cooler or holding oven. It will continue to tenderize. If anything, a longer cook/hold with a lower max internal temperature will give you a juicier product than rushing it and pulling at higher temps.
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