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Default Men Are Pigs.

It's a good thing that we have this discussion going...

World Cup barbecue warning

BUNGLING male barbecue chefs are the target of a Government agency's food poisoning awareness campaign.

The combination of World Cup excitement, booze and men's limited food hygiene know-how could lead to a drop in standards, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) warns.

It is to re-screen a TV advert called "sausages" during the tournament to boost awareness of food hygiene.

Tips include ways of storing, preparing and cooking meat and vegetables safely.
A FSA spokesman said: "The whole point of putting this out around World Cup time is to target men.

"They tend to control barbecues and tend not to have the same hygiene knowledge as women."

Men take charge of the cooking in eight out of ten barbecues held in the UK, a survey of 1,000 adults that was carried out for the FSA by RSGB Omnibus last month found.
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