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Originally Posted by SMetroHawkeye View Post
This is just the motivation I was looking for.... Giddyup MadMan! I think a trip to the butcher is just what the doctor ordered - and Boston Butt is on the menu!

Never tried peach or plum fruitwood. What's the flavor profile you get from this fruitwood, combined with the Oakridge seasoning, that makes it special?
The flavor of the Oakridge rubs are savory and always consistent, I like the fact that they are low salt and low sugar content.

The peach and plum fruit wood just imparts a milder, sweeter, smoke flavor than hickory, mesquite, or pecan; and it just has a tad bit more smoke flavor than apple or cherry.

The injection imparts a very mild sweetness deep into the meat, complimenting the natural flavors of the pork. I'm using a light sweet smoke because the pulled pork will be served on savory (not sweet) waffle wedges (in lieu of traditional rolls), lightly drizzled with a hint of sweet but tart Raspberry/Blueberry BBQ sauce.

Originally Posted by Ag76 View Post
You didn't inject with OakRidge Game Changer? If not, why? I have been planning on trying it based on your recommendation.
Not left out of the process, just done in a different order today.

I normally inject the butts as I ready the smoker, then apply the rub.

Due to volume and time constraints for this cook, I applied the rub the night before. I will use Oakridge Game Changer with fresh apple cider, before getting the final coat of Oakridge Secret Weapon rub.

Game Changer Brine injections are a regular part of my pork cooks. With the amount of flavor imparted, I would never cook without it. Think of it as saying I'm driving to the store, one doesn't say they will turn the ignition switch because it's part of the process. Sorry I didn't specify, but you'll see it in the pictures posted later it's there.

Thanks for looking....

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