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Yes I leave the au jus in the pan, I trim my briskets pretty close. I have a friend who does not trim at all and he just breaks out some of the fat when he reheats his.
I have not found a great way to hold pork though. When I cook pork it is usually bone in pork butts, and I usually chop the pork and vacuum seal what I will not be eating on that day. I have put it in a pan with a little apple juice and reheated it on the smoker before, but it is never quite as good as what was freshly cooked. Also after vacuum sealing it I break it up and put it in a bowl so the meat will expand for a day or so. You can cooler pork for four to six hours, by foiling and wrapping it in towels as long as it is still holding its heat but that is about as long as it will hold and that is pushing it.
Maybe someone else will know a good way to hold pork where it still taste as good as it did the first day. I would like to know how to do that myself.
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