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I put brisket in a restaurant pan to cook it all the time. When it is probe tender I take it off and let it cool off enough so that I can easily pick up the pan and not burn myself. I then put it in the refrigerator until the brisket is cold. I get it back out and cut the flat from the point. I then get out the meat slicer and slice the brisket into thin slices and put them right back in the pan where they came from. After slicing and replacing the brisket I cover it with foil and put it back in the refrigerator until I am ready to heat it up. When I am ready to heat it, I fire up the smoker or the oven. I pour a can of beef broth over the brisket and put a double layer of tin foil over the restaurant pan and heat it for 45 minutes or an hour. Comes out tinder and moist. I have yet to have any leftovers. I usually cook it one day and serve it the next, but there is no reason you could not reheat it a few days later.
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