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Default Brisket, Pork, and Ribs

Hey Brethren. I am curious as to how everyone reheats their meat. I have my office coming over on a Wednesday for lunch. The menu will have Brisket, Pulled pork, St. Louis Ribs, smoked mac&chesse, poppers, and some beans. There is no way I can have all this ready the day of so I am planning on smoking the Brisket and pork this weekend and put it in a food saver. Come day of I will put it back on the smoker to warm it up.

Questions: Brisket - I am planning on letting it sit for a while and the seal it with some juices and put it in the fridge. Then, day of I will heat it back up. I guess I just need to get it warm all the way through since it has already been cooked. Thoughts?

Pulled Pork - I am thinking I need to pull it after it sits and the seal it up with the juices. Then I can just put it all in a pan and warm it back up on the smoker with some more au jus from the cook. Thoughts?

Everything else will be day of....
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