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Default smokey bones bar & fire grill

I travel around the midwest and north east quite a bit for work. I enjoy trying different Q joints along the way and figured I'd start posting my experiences here.

smokey bones has a nice decor, I love shack style places but this one has the typical restaurant theme and looked nice.

when we walked in there was smoke wafting over one of the tables. it was their boneyard plater and included 3 pieces of lit charcoal to keep the food warm and add some presentation. the platter came with wings, chicken, sausage, pork and steak. very cool

I ordered the two meat platter. turkey and pulled pork. the pork was good as well as the turkey, could have gave me more turkey but the portions were fair overall.

wings were on special, plenty of flavors in smoked and fried choices. overall the meat was good. cooked and seasoned properly. I'd recommend everything I tried. sides. didn't have the usual suspects. I just expect beans, mac and cheese (they had it as an entree not side) and what not. I'm not looking to have fries and or mashed taters when I get Q but I tend to be a purist in that regard. my only real complaint is the only serve brisket on the weekend. I was disappointed in the waitresses answer of it takes to long to cook and they want to serve I fresh. all the best bbq places hold brisket overnight anyway.

overall I'd give smokey bones a positive rating and would definitely eat there again
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