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Yea there is money in it. I invested $15k to open our business and then I made about $5k and spent it on needed equipment. We then made $2k and grew a little quickly and needed a new refrigerator and better steam table and spent it on those times. Following that, we made some more money and we're still growing and needed more equipment and I took that money we made and spent it on that equipment. Then we had an even better growth spurt and made about $10k. That was about the time I needed a catering van and I spent the money on that. At this point in the game, the business was growing rapidly and we were making even more to the tune of about $30k profit. This was also about the time we outgrew our mobile trailer set up and needed a commercial kitchen. So I decided to build a commercial kitchen and I spent $80k of the $30k I made on a new kitchen (lol). That was four years ago and I've made a little money along the way since but yet again I've outgrown things again and am getting ready to spend some money I've made and buy a $12-$20K smoker.

Now I'm seriously joking about the above. That means I'm serious but joking about it. Yes, I've made money but I've spent a vast majority of it feeding the growing business. I told a restaurant friend of mine that I'd be glad when I had finally bought everything I need so I could make a good profit. He laughed and said, "It doesn't work that way because when you finally buy everything you need then the stuff you bought back, in the beginning, starts to go bad and then you just start buying it all over again!"

Just in case I didn't mention it, it's been worth every penny!
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