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We've been doing it on the side now for two years legally. Have insurance, kitchen, etc. I also have two young kids (4 and 1). It's a big commit/ask to leave the wife with two little ones by herself on her day off and it is hard to commit a day to BBQ instead of them. We live for the big events and are selfish with our time. Big events/pig roasts/parties we can make good money. Small catering jobs we just bow out of. If I have an open weekend that may have the demand that warrants running the smoker (like this weekend for super bowl, for example), it's worth it more for practice as we'll maybe make only a couple hundred. It's a waste of a day otherwise.

If you want to actually make money you have to go full commit. We basically break even for the year and it funds our hobby for maybe a future business as we build our brand locally. It's paid for our equipment (Meadow Creek TS250 smoker and everything else), but nothing really more than that. With that said, we've been doing favors (doing events at cost, mostly) for a lot of local places to get us exposure to folks in our area. We are now reaping the rewards of those and are starting to book up a lot of weekends this year at full price from those connects and their connects. We are expecting this year to be in the green.
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