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Originally Posted by FF931 View Post
I started a year ago legally... Is their money in it? Answer is yes. Do you have have the following to get the business is the hard part. We did great this year almost to good if that can be a problem. I have 2 daughters 8 & 4 and Im a full time firefighter. Most days off Im cooking and almost every weekend. Money and business are great but my family time has decreased severely.
That's kind of what I figured would happen. Both my parents are self-employed, with separate businesses, and I know what it takes and the sacrifices one must make. It's a big commitment. The sales/following part I think I can manage, it's what I do for a living. If I can get our little company into some of the Fortune 500 companies that I have managed to, I bet I could get it done in the catering business, so long as I put the hours in (and had a product worth a crap...kind of an important detail).

Thanks for the feedback, that perspective is really helpful.
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