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I spent a ton of time looking into how to layout my trailer, getting that layout health department approved BEFORE I ordered it. Then a bunch more time picking the vendor for the trailer. Actually, the vendor did assist in the design/build details as well.

Here are a few of the things I didn't know how much I would apprecitate when i was ordering/designing:

1.) 8.5 foot ceilings. So great! More storage room up high, which is invaluable. And it makes the trailer feel big, because it is. AND, it is so great looking/easy to see from the outside.

2.) The TV box next to my vending window. I haven't actually put the TV in it yet. I do put the Menu, all the menu/marketing materials in there, and it works so great for that!

3.) The Rubber floor interior is way better than the aluminum diamond plate.

4.) Getting the bigger 3 part sink so we can actually wash dishes.

2 years in, there's just about Zero I would change. (I would add a small vent fan for when we keep the warmer on overnight in the simmer - which I need to add for this summer.)

I'm right down the road, 2 hours from Houston on I-10 in Lake Charles. I'd be happy to show you our rig and see if our process helps you get some jumpstart on yours.

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