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Like I said, you make sure your sink basins are large enough to hold what you are washing. They make 3 compartment sinks to fit sheet pans and hotel pans, its whether you ask them to be installed on your trailer.
I personally would not use dishes that haven't been sanitized, too much liability and in a 1 sink wash process, I dont know how you do that. In the food business, we are often blamed for someone's poor hygiene. If in a 24 hr time frame someone eats a meal at home, a restaurant, and a food truck/trailer, and then gets sick, guess who they blame first? Food truck, restaurant and then lastly the week old deli meat in the fridge. But they wont post on social media about the deli meat, or that they didnt wash their hands after scooping cat litter, or ate doritos in the car after filling their gas tank without washing their hands, etc. they will post they got sick after eating your food, whether they really did or not. But its your business, so do what you are comfortable with and what your HD allows.
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