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Originally Posted by ynotfehc View Post
If you have 1 large sink, how do you rinse and properly sanitize your dishes?
The best thing to do is measure your largest dishes and make sure your sinks are big enough. I do as little dishes on the trailer because of limited water. 40 gallons may seem like a lot, but after I fill the steam table pans, wash my hands a couple dozen times, I may have enough water to fill my sinks once, and if I'm washing a bunch of greasy dishes, I will need more water. Also I dont have much space for air drying dishes after being sanitized. After I'm shut down and cleaned up, I'm not going to sit around waiting for dishes to air dry, I'm driving off to go sleep. Much easier to wash dishes at the commissary with a dish machine!
With a 3 bay sink that barely allows for hotel pans to fit into reservoir how do you properly rinse and sanitize your dishes? It makes more sense to have a single bay larger sink so you can effectively submerge all your dishes. If you have to wash them all, then rinse them all, and then sanitize them all, it's much easier if you can actually submerge everything. My sinks are small and a pain in the butt to use.

I've been trying to work with my environmental health department to become my own commissary. Earlier this year when I bought my trailer they said I needed a 3-bay sink, but now they're saying the ability to fully submerge every single item I need to wash is more important, and they're recommending a single bay large sink. Go figure, right? There's no commissary kitchen in my county, so I spent almost an entire month going to every single restaurant, bar, cafe, VFW outpost, etc in my town and nobody wanted to let me use their place as a commissary. I'm getting pretty close and right now it looks like I just need to screen in my porch. They also don't want me filling up my fresh water tank at my house, but it kind of makes no sense as everybody in town is getting water from the same source...none of the restaurants have a filter for incoming water from the tap, so I don't understand the concern. I've got an RV park that is letting me use their facilities for my gray water, so I'm hoping I can just use them for my fresh water source as well.

So right now I'm just operating on the Marine Corps bases near my house, and the bases do their own inspections so they no longer require a commissary kitchen.
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